Google vs. Apple in the Apps War

April 19, 2014

Other platforms may try, but Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS comprise an overwhelming majority of platform usage among smartphone and tablet apps.  Blackberry is still around (barely) and Windows Phone is gaining some ground, but the two main contenders have eclipsed all others in the market. The following is an Android vs. iOS shootout in […]


Five Key Mobile Apps for Physical Fitness

April 11, 2014

As we begin the new year in 2014, we see the annual return of the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions that everyone loves (hates) so much.  Some of the classics include quitting smoking, taking up a new hobby, and the most prevalent of all: exercise and weight loss. Naturally, the mobile applications industry has entered […]


Upgrading to iOS 7

January 14, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on Upgrading Your Apple Device to iOS 7 Apple has gone for a drastic overhaul of its mobile device software with the recent launch of iOS 7,  issued standard with iPhone 5S an 5C and available as an upgrade with all other devices. A prevalent theme with iOS […]